My Usage Tip of Healthy Snack: Dried Cranberries

Submitted by our customer, Mei Fang

Among the fruits and vegetables richest in health-promoting antioxidants berries, such as cranberries, rank at the top of the list. In a tropical country like Singapore, we hardly find fresh cranberries at the market, but the dried cranberries is available in the organic shops. The reason I make the purchase in organic shops is due to its unsweeteness (so that it contains less calories) It is ultimately important for my weight loss plan. It costs me about S$8, considerably reasonable, as compared to those other sugared-sweet dried fruits.

I have been enough for the oily outside food recently. At a holiday, I decided to stay at home for reading and make a "detoxed" meal for myself , which is a salad (without sourced) , and fat-free natural yohurt, served with a handful of dried cranberries. It looks colourful and yummy I think it would be fantastic to be used as ingredient for baking some cookies too

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