Review of Pink Lady Oatmilk

Submitted by our customer, Madeline

After pregnancy, I was looking for some healthy beverage other than cow's milk and soy milk for my calcium intake. I'm getting sick of the former, and soy milk is still too sweet even though I went for the reduced sugar types.

My friend introduced me to this Pink Lady Oat milk, saying it was highly recommended by his female friends.

What I Like about it:

1. The beautiful pink color

Looks like bandung right? But it's healthy! Sure makes the start of the day pretty~

2. The taste Finally!
A healthy beverage with soy protein (slows calcium excretion) and actually tastes nice! It tastes like oat cereal but just slightly sweeter, but not as sweet as soymilk.

3. The dietary effect
It's made from 10 types of grain, including organic oats, buckwheat, black rice, black soy beans, mung beans et … Due to it's high fibre content, there seems to be some slight detoxification effect like what I experience from drinking cow's milk. Not that I'm complaining, in fact, after pregnancy, I really need to lose that extra inch!

What I dislike about it:

  • Cos it is full of fibre after all, it will settle at the bottom of the cup.
  • The price. $30 for 800gm tin. A bit pricey, but it's organic and healthy. Would be better if it's priced below $30 range.
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