Pink Lady Waterman (Portable Alkaline Water Purifier)

Biogreen Pink Lady @ Water Man is a unique portable alkaline water purifier produced by an established and reputable international Korean company. Biogreen Pink Lady @ Water Man follows the law of nature using multilayer natural purification and filtration systems to give us refreshing alkaline mineral water! The high-quality water contributes to healthier and smoother skin, reduces tooth decay, enhances concentration and improves health, giving our body its energy and vitality to meet every challenge!


  • Multilayer natural purification and filtration systems
  • Silver Activated Coconut Shell Carbon
  • Bio-ceramic ball
  • Somelite™ Coral Mineral Sands
  • Bipolar Magnet Sand

Features & Benefits

  • Free of BPA, plastic and dioxin
  • Durable and can be reused
  • Usage period - 180 to 400 days for continuous usage
  • No power and water connection needed
  • Environmental friendly - 1 purifier can replace 800 plastic water bottles
  • Produces alkaline water (pH8.5 to 9.5)
  • Mineralizing and improves water quality
  • Helps to remove chlorine, dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, debris and odour from water
  • Inhibits bacterial reproduction



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