Plum Drink

Biogreen Plum Drink is a homemade remedy to protect you and your family. This unique and unprecedented formulation is a special fermented product best for reducing body heat to relieve body discomfort. It is an alkaline-forming food and is the healthiest choice amongst the various forms of honey as it has the most nutritional values.



All the ingredients are natural and specifically adapted to the child's needs from 12 months old. It is free from artificial colouring, flavourings or preservatives.
  • Anti –fatigue
  • Best for increasing appetites, especially in children
  • May help strengthen digestion system and regulate body conditions
  • May help to improve constipation problems and period pain


Recommended for

  • Those with weak appetite
  • Those with insomnia
  • Those with body heatiness
  • Working professionals


Suggested Serving

Mixed 2 tablespoons in 200ml water. Drink before each meals or twice per day. Can be mixed with juices and other beverages.




Raw Honey, Umeboshi Plum (Non- GMO), Shiso Leave, Filtered Water, Sea Salt, Koji



Clearance Price

SGD$11.00 (950g)
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