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DHA Organic Soya
Milk Powder
O'Kid High Protein
Soya Milk
O'Kid Oatmilk
Organic Beta Oatmilk Energy
According to survey, especially in pre-school children, family diet and nutritional habits play vital role as it will affect overall health. Hence, comprehensive physical and mental health development are very important for children aged 1-12 years old. At this stage, you must take note on the preparation of adequate nutritious food for your beloved children. Biogreen provides a range of products, support the healthy growth of your beloved children, so that every child has a healthy base and happy life!



O'Kid Oatmilk

All organic and natural ingredients formulated for kids better performance and diet transition. It is easy for smooth absorption and digestion.



O'Kid High Protein Organic Soya Milk Powder

It contains up to 38% of high quality certified organic skin peeled soybean, important for children during their growing years and physical body performance. It is also suitable for diabetic and people who need high protein diet.



DHA Gold Organic Soya Milk Powder

Made from selected premium organic skin peeled soybean and seaweed extracts, DHA (Good for brain development and eye sight maintenance). 100% Pure Black Sesame Powder Produced from premium grade black sesame and roasted at low temperature. Good source of calcium and iron.



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