About Organic Life

Organic Life is established with the mission to increase the awareness of the importance of nutritional dieting habits and how an organic lifestyle will bring about a lifetime of good health and wellness. We aim to educate consumers about the importance of consuming natural and organic products that are non-GMO, grown without pesticides and processed without artificial colouring, addictive and flavouring that will provide us with the natural richness of nutrients and minerals the way nature has intended it to be. A healthy body begins with good eating habits and correct dietary intake and quality lifestyle.

About Biogreen

We are founded by Green Image Organic Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. and managed based in whole Malaysia. Green Image was born in 1999 and stands as the pinnacle of pure, natural and organic foods as well as equipments. It has 3 leading brand products throughout the world, known as BIOGREEN, ORGANIC FOREST and GENIUS INNOVATION. In 1999, we began selling healthy foods to those interested in the benefits of better nutrition. Our business eventually continues to grow because of the increasing number of people seeking healthier food choices through media exposures, publicity educations and advertisements effects. Still, many of our (full range) products are, however, not readily available in the local super- or hyper-markets and even in some organic and health stores. We, therefore, offer you our very best natural and organic products with the added bonus of HOME DELIVERY SERVICE for all conscious individuals, especially those living as outskirt/ having difficulty in getting our products.

Tel: (65) 6368 6566. Email: info@organiclife.com.sg