Special Vege Kampung Fried Rice


Preparation methods:

  1. Heat up the pan, add oil.
  2. Put in soy cube and stir fry it. Add in sambal sauce and G seasoning powder.
  3. Add in rice and fry until cook, follow by Sesame Vege Mix.
  4. Add in lettuce and mixed fried with other ingredients.
  5. Serve on plate upon cooked.
  6. Serve with small amount of fresh lettuce and dried cranberries.



  1. 热锅,下油。
  2. 下素肉,爆香。随后加入叁巴酱和日式素G粉,炒香。
  3. 下饭,炒热。再后加入芝麻香菇椿酱,炒至均匀。
  4. 下菜丝,拌炒。
  5. 菜丝微软后,即可起锅。
  6. 以少许菜丝、蔓越莓拌碟作点缀。
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