Joyful Ice Blended Banana Chocolate


Preparation methods:

  1. Blend Biogreen Oates's Cocoa Oatmilk, water and ice cubes, pour in a glass and leave aside
  2. Next, blend the soya milk, water, ice cubes and banana slices. Pour into the same glass to form 2 layers
  3. Add some chocolate chips as topping and your Joyful Ice Blended Banana Chocolate is ready to be served



  1. 用搅拌机将巧克力燕麦植物奶、 冰水和冰块搅成冰沙,倒入玻璃杯中。
  2. 用搅拌机将豆奶粉、冰水、冰块和香蕉块搅成冰沙,倒入刚才的杯中形成两层。
  3. 撒上巧克力碎,以作点缀,可享用啦~
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