100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


  • May prevention of heart diseases / antibacterial / antiviral – lauric acids (MCT). MCT can be easily digested and help with healthy functioning of the thyroid and enzymes systems as well as increase the body metabolism and thus burning out more energy to reduce weight.
  • May improve the digestive system as saturated fats in coconut oil have excellent anti-microbial properties and enhance nutrients absorption
  • Has high smoke point about 360ºF (182ºC), best for deep frying and toasting.
  • Consume orally / dressing to boost body defense system and body stamina.
  • Use externally as massage oil, facial or body oil / dry skin & hair.
  • No Preservatives
  • No Colourings
  • No Chemical Additive



100% organic virgin coconut oil




SGD$18.70 (405ml)
SGD$32.00 (700ml)
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