Pre-Balance Crackers

Best Choice For Tea Time

Biogreen Prebalance Cracker is adapting the organic and healthy concept by adding in all the 7 types of basic nutrients that required by the body for our healthy diet, thus it will give more nutrient and better taste. Enjoy it as breakfast or snack.
  • Free of Ammonium Bicarbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate.
  • Stone Bake
  • Cholesterol free, No colorings, No Preservatives, No Additive
  • Full of Nutrient and High Fiber
  • The best seed: black sesame and white sesame
  • 3 vital treasures: Brewer Yeast, Wheat Germ, Lecithin
  • Minerals can be obtained from wild green seaweed
  • 5 Colors foods is good for the 5 Principle Organs



Wheat Flour, Wheat Germ, Wheat Bran, Organic Carrot, Soy Lecithin (GMO-Free), Brewer Yeast, Black Sesame, White Sesame, Corn Starch (GMO Free), Wild Green Seaweed, Vegetable Oil, Sea salt, Baking Powder, Active Yeast.




SGD$6.80 (16 pkts x 4pcs-24g)



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