Oligo Honey


  • May help with allergies, hay fever, cold & sore throat
  • May help in calcium absorption
  • May aid insomnia problem
  • May soothe and heal cuts / burns
  • May increase haemoglobin count
  • May prevent/improve anaemic condition (rich in iron & copper)


Organic Fruto-Oligosaccharide

  • May improve functions of intestines
  • May prevent constipation and diarrhea
  • May control blood cholesterol level
  • May increase body immunity


Recommended for

  • Children and adults with weak digestion / absorption function
  • Allergic individual
  • Those with weak immune system
  • High cholesterol individual
  • Those who have constipation problem



Raw Honey, Organic Fruto-Oligosaccharide (certified organic by BCS German)




SGD$20.70 (950g)
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