O'Tigres Organic Quick Oatmilk

O'Tigres Quick Oatmilk is the main choice for families as a healthy breakfast. Not only is it rich in nutrients like protein and Omega 3, but also contains β-glucan (soluble fibre), prebiotics and etc.


Recommended for

  • Kids (from 12 months old) with an unbalanced diet
  • Babies transitioning to semi-solid food
  • Adults and elderly with constipation problems and weak digestive systems


Beta-glucans (soluble fibre) help transport glucose to the brain to enhance memory and learning abilities. In addition, it helps to regulate and improve peristalsis, reduce bad cholesterol levels, heart diseases and high blood pressure. Prebiotics help to increase the number of friendly bacteria to improve the digestive and immune systems. It's easily digested and absorbed, especially good for children and old folks.



Organic Oats (Certified Organic by NASAA), Organic Baby Oats (Certified Organic by OTCO), Organic Cane Sugar, Soya Lecithin (Non-GMO), Soya Protein (Non-GMO), Nutritional Yeast, Fructose, Flax Seed Oil, Inulin (Prebiotic), Sea Salt



SGD$26.90 (800g)
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