Organic Green Balance

Some BIOGREEN Organic Green Balance Nutrient

  • Vitamin A: 6 times higher than carrot
  • Vitamin C: 8.25 times higher than orange
  • Calcium: 5 times higher than milk
  • Iron: 18 times higher than spinach



  • May suppress growth of cancerous cell
  • Children or adults with poor digestion function
  • People who suffer from bad breath May eliminate excess fat
  • People staying up late, indulging in excess alcohol
  • May help in anemia treatment Adults or children with weak immunity systems
  • People who are frequently exposed to pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics
  • May prevent pigmentation and has whitening rejuvenation effect
  • People who suffer from fatigue, inability to concentrate and a decline in memory
  • Cleanse heavy metals found in the body
  • Women suffering from menstruation disorder
  • May speed up wound recovery
  • People who suffer from body odour or skin problems due to improper toxin emission
  • May regulate blood circulation


Suggested Serving

Mix each teaspoon (2g) with 200ml of water (avoid hot water) twice a day, preferable before meal, stir with warm water or juice. Try sprinkled on rice, pasta, dishes, soups, salad or any other meal.




100% organically grown young Wheatgrass (Triticum & Aestivum), 100% organically grown young Barley Grass (Hordeum Vulgare). Dried at body temperature (37°C)




SGD$34.60 (200g)



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