O'Kid DHA Gold Organic Soya Milk Powder


  • 100% certified organic soy beans, no agricultural chemicals
  • Skin peeled soybeans – smoother, higher nutrients and reduces stomach discomfort and purine content that causes uric acid problem.
  • Seaweed contains DHA (suitable for vegetarian) - may help to develop brain function and protect eye sight. Good for growing children and old folks.
  • Best source of plant protein
  • Healthy breakfast drink especially for cow milk allergic consumers
  • Oligosaccharides may help to increase the growth of friendly bacteria in colon



100% certified organic soybeans, seaweed extracts, sucrose and oligosaccharides




SGD$22.50 (800g)
Tel: (65) 6368 6566. Email: info@organiclife.com.sg