Celtic Live Seasalt (Fine)

Biogreen Celtic Live Sea Salt is an ancient hand-harvested sea salt from France. It is processed by drying the salt under sun and wind, with no extra heat. This method has been practiced since 900 years ago. Therefore, it is biologically active, pure, and moist and contains every element that is found in sea water, minus the mud. It is a live salt, with no chemicals, preservatives or any other additives.

Biogreen Celtic Live Sea Salt goes way beyond minerals and trace elements. Bio-electric energy and magnetism have been found in it. Therefore, Biogreen Celtic Live Sea Salt can regulate your blood pressure unlike normal table salt.

Biogreen Celtic Live Sea Salt is a live salt, because it contains all the elements found in sea water. It even helps to remove the excess sodium from our body, as soon as it is no longer needed. This is because it has magnesium, and one of the roles of magnesium in the body is to remove excess sodium. Basically, the 84 trace minerals provide nutrients and protect the body from the harshness of sodium chloride in its pure state; first, by making sure the body can use the sodium properly, second, by ensuring that once the sodium is utilized, it will be eliminated completely and quickly from the body through the kidneys.


Natural Sea Salt (Certified Organic by France Nature & Progrès)

* This analysis is done by France Institute Departmental d'Analyse et de conseil Product of France




SGD$8.00 (400g)
SGD$3.60 (Pouch - 200g)
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