Organic Beta Oatmilk Energy


  • High nutrients (contains protein, omega 3, 6, calcium, soluble fibre and etc)
  • Easy to digest (especially good for children and old folks)
  • Soluble fibre may help to improve peristalsis and therefore improve skin complexion. Soluble fibre and flaxseed oil may help to regulate blood sugar level and blood pressure.
  • Oatmilk may help with mind concentration, help in memory and study as well.
  • Thick and creamy oatmilk taste. Taste better than milk! Nutritious!



QAI certified organic oats, BIONA certified flaxseed oil, GMO free soy lecithin, GMO free soya protein, GMO free premium brewer yeast, barley malt, sea salt.




SGD$29.40 (800g)
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