Etblisse Organic Black Chia Seeds

Product Description:

"Chia" reflects "strength" in the Mayan language. Chia seeds were a staple in the diets of ancient Aztecs and Mayans as energy booster. Today, chia seed is prized as a superfood for its high plant-based omega-3, protein, fibre, antioxidants as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.

Etblisse Organic Black Chia Seeds have been carefully cultivated, screened and minimally processed to retain their nutritional values. With a mild nutty taste, chia seeds mix well with either savoury or sweet dishes, definitely your best health companion!



Organic Black Chia Seeds


Product Features:

  • Bone boosters calcium & magnesium
  • Heart-friendly plant-based omega-3, protein & antioxidants
  • Gut-friendly fibre
  • Gluten-free

2 tablespoons chia seeds contain similar amount of

  • Protein in 1 egg
  • Fibre in 5 slices wholemeal bread
  • Calcium in 1 glass milk
  • Iron in 1 cup raw spinach
  • Magnesium in 3 stalks broccoli
  • Potassium in 1 medium banana


Recommended For:

Suitable for adults and children above 12 months old, especially those with
  • Constipation
  • Poor bone health
  • Weight management
  • High blood cholesterol
  • High blood sugar
  • Vegan


Preparation Method:

Soak 2 tablespoons (24g) of chia seeds in water for 5-10 minutes; mix with soy milk, tea or coffee; blended into smoothie; as a topping for desserts or any dishes that needs a boost of nutrition!


Storage Method:

Store in a cool, dry place. Away from heat and direct sunlight. Once opened, keep in airtight container and consume within 8 weeks.

Friendly Reminder:
This is a 100% natural and organic product. The flavour and colour of this product may therefore vary slightly due to seasonal variation.



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