Review of Pink Lady Oatmilk
From Madeline

After pregnancy, I was looking for some healthy beverage other than cow's milk and soy milk for my calcium intake. I'm getting sick of the former, and soy milk is still too sweet even though I went for the reduced sugar types.

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Healthy breakfast with
Organic Green Balance

From Alex Lim

A glass of soya milk, add a teaspoon of Organic Green Balance Powder (Good for body cleaning remove stool & colon cleaning) and 5 grain nutrient bar. A healthy bar to replace conventional unhealthy snacks that colouring, preservatives and baking agent.

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Cauliflower and Ham Soup with

From Chor Ee

I saw a review of the G seasoning powder and decided to get one to try out as it is without MSG; since its really hard to find a one that is tasty enough for my picky kids. I tried it out with one of my favorite easy-to-make soup dish and surprisingly the taste went every well! The soup is both delicious and easy to make and drink with all the ingredients bit size.

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